In a new, ambitious digital transformation initiative, Badische Neueste Nachrichten is changing its editorial organizational structure and relying on a new, modern system to support it. "We want more quality for the reader," says Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Klaus Michael Baur. "In order to have more reporters in the editorial team for the journalistic work, we opted for a lean system and efficient structures with cross-media orientation."

Lean production processes and future-proof flexibility
With BNN’s shift to a reporter-producer-model in regard to its newsroom and team structure, the multichannel publishing platform, CUE, is a perfect fit for the daily newspaper in Karlsruhe.

"In the future, we will have to use our content faster and on a greater variety of channels," explains Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Rainer Haendle, “Therefore, we have been looking for a very flexible system to which we can attach new channels and tools at any time."

In addition to lean production processes in CUE, decisive factors in the selection of CUE were the possibility of simple integration of third-party tools as well as the extensibility options. In the rapidly changing media landscape, these are indispensable competitive advantages, according to BNN. "Our strategy for the future is cross-media oriented," says BNN Project Manager, Peter J. Funk. "Making it possible for us to change quickly is a definite requirement."

Rainer Haendle concludes: “The fact that CCI Europe, the company behind CUE, has so many customers in Scandinavia and the US -- regions that are frontrunners in terms of digital transformation -- was another strong argument to go with CUE.”

About BNN and CUE

BNN/CUE project kick-off day: Michael From, CCI Project Manager; BNN Publisher, Klaus Michael Baur; Christoph Jäntsch, CCI Sales Director; and the BNN Project Managers Peter J. Funk and Michael Schorpp.

The Badischen Neuesten Nachrichten is a leading regional newspaper in southwestern Germany with a circulation of 116,000 copies. The company also publishes a Sunday newspaper and a freesheet. The digital activities will be bundled on the platform which will be expanded to a large news portal in the coming months.

BNN’s CUE solution includes CUE for Online and Print, as well as CUE Digital for ePapers, CUE Live, and CUE Video. BNN has opted for a cloud solution, which means that everything will be fully hosted and operated by CCI Europe.