By enabling creation of marketing materials for all channels in one system, CUE facilitates and accelerates collaboration across large organizations – with greater transparency and less silos as an added benefit.

Everything in one place

CUE provides a collaborative environment for everyone involved in campaign planning and execution: merchants, marketing managers, copywriters, and graphic designers get a one-stop-hub with access to all the content items needed for creating a campaign.

CUE gathers product data and assets, background materials, overviews of channels, assignments, participants, and more. Even before campaign channels are decided on, your marketing team can begin to collaborate by sharing materials, creating and collecting assets, and creating assignments to each other and to freelancers.

Ideas pitched at planning meetings can be also be stored in the system, offering organization and structure to long-term planning.

Keep track of your workflow

Throughout the campaign development process, team members can see the status of each individual assignment and follow the progress of the overall workflow. Icons highlight when an assignment is done or when action needs to be taken by specific team members.

CUE creates transparency and builds collaboration in complex campaign development processes with many sub-tasks and many stakeholders involved.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for Marketing.