The average marketing team relies on at least a handful of IT applications to create a campaign: spreadsheets, word processing, desktop publishing, annotation software, email. Plus a few more.

CUE gives you one integrated platform to plan, create, and produce the full range of marketing materials for your campaign – and gets rid of the inefficiencies and frustration of having to bounce back and forth between applications.

Omnichannel experience platform

CUE lets you create and manage campaign materials for all channels: catalogues, flyers, posters, online banners, SoMe ads, email content, and more.

You get a full overview of all the channels in your campaign as well as an updated status of the progress of the materials that your team is developing.

Materials created for one channel are easily converted to fit into other channels, e.g. from a print ad to an interactive SoMe ad. As a true omnichannel marketing platform, CUE allows you to cover all your existing marketing channels and expand to new ones with only a few clicks.

Maintain brand and messaging consistency

With CUE, it is easy to keep the style and design of your catalogue, print ads, online ads and more unified and consistent. Style guides, creative asset toolkits, and template libraries are centrally stored and automatically serve as a foundation for every new campaign project.

In addition, individual materials are easily converted into other types of materials. For instance, a catalogue page can be turned into a print ad by simply applying a different template. Text, visuals, and other content elements are automatically inherited by the new piece of material, thereby ensuring consistency in the design as well as in the messaging.

Easy versioning

A campaign is rarely just one campaign. Sometimes it needs to run in different languages, sometimes different promotions are planned for different markets.

CUE handles even the most complex versioning needs, from language, product, and price variations to localized promotions and activities. With its advanced planning function, CUE provides a detailed overview of all the planned versions of a campaign and allows for variations to be easily identified, created, and managed.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for Marketing.