CUE streamlines the omnichannel campaign development process. But on top of increased efficiency, you can add a whole new level of speed if you integrate CUE with your master data management (MDM) system.

Direct data flow

Instead of having your marketing team work with large spreadsheets, you can import of product information directly into CUE. Feature descriptions, product texts, images, and other relevant assets flow automatically into the system.

The direct flow of product data into the campaign greatly reduces the time and resources needed for campaign development. For instance, the system can be set up to import product data into the individual marketing materials, enabling your graphic designer to finalize the layout right away.

Need a campaign in different languages? No problem. Just set up the system to import the different language versions of your product texts into the different versions of your campaign.

The strongest platform

CUE integrates seamlessly with Stibo Systems’ MDM system, STEP.

STEP is an award-winning multidomain MDM platform which handles everything from product and customer data to location and supplier data. One platform is all you need to master multiple domains to gain significant business value across your enterprise.

With STEP as the foundation, CUE offers the strongest platform for making master data come to life in advertising campaigns.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for Marketing.