CUE News Suite contains the following modules:

CUE Print

The CUE Print module enables you to manage all your print content and create spectacular pages without having to start from scratch every time.

Being both a print planning and design tool, CUE Print offers:

  • Predefined page plans which enable fast and efficient planning.
  • Predefined page templates which allow everyone in the newsroom to create beautiful pages – without being a page designer.
  • Free design functionalities for your custom-made feature pages.
  • Two-way integration – changes made in your print story are automatically updated in the stories on your other channels.

CUE Print builds on our deep insight into the challenges of print production – and a vision of merging print and digital content creation into one seamless experience.

CUE Digital

The CUE Digital module is your one-stop hub for creating quality digital publications for web, native apps, and other channels.

CUE Digital gives you a wide range of opportunities for creating and publishing digital editions:

  • Basic e-papers
  • Enhanced e-papers with special designs and interactive elements
  • Freely designed digital publications with multimedia integrations.

CUE Digital also offers a solid app framework that supports your digital revenue streams in a number of ways:

  • Build your own native app.
  • Integrate your new digital publication into your existing subscription system.

  • Set up different subscription models, combining free, freemium, and premium strategies.
  • Place interstitial ads between your content pages and stay in control of the ad frequency and the editorial context.
  • Enable in-app purchases and integration to e-commerce.

CUE Digital merges efficient and creative newsroom production with highly engaging digital end-user experiences.

CUE Video

The CUE Video module empowers everyone in the newsroom to work with video.

  • Field reporters can shoot videos with their mobile phone and upload them for publishing straight away.
  • Editing staff can edit and enrich videos, e.g. trim, set cue points etc.
  • The transcoding of the videos is done automatically.
  • Fully integrated video content management through your favorite video solution provider, including AWS, Brightcove or Kaltura.

You never have to leave the CUE user interface environment to work with video content into your storytelling.

CUE Live

Publish live content natively and reach audiences at speeds measured in sub-seconds. Amplify your content with social media engagement and real-time reader interactions. The CUE LIVE module is a blogging tool created for speed and high performance.

  • Rapid speed, rock-solid stability.
  • No limits to the number of blog entries.
  • No limits to the number of blog visitors.
  • Real-time content creation, no matter how many reporters are contributing to the same live event.
  • Publish to your blog and to your preferred SoMe platform simultaneously.
  • Allow SoMe posts from trusted accounts to be published to your blog automatically while an event is live.
  • Monitoring defined social media activity.
  • Automatic SEO optimization boots your organic traffic.

CUE Live is ‘born mobile’ with browser-based and touch screen-optimized user and audience interfaces. The perfect tool for real-time reporting from anywhere in the world.

CUE Analytics

CUE Analytics allows you set and track goals across publication platforms to ensure the profitability of your content and efficiency of your operations.

  • Track all aspects of your publishing operations.
  • Tailor the reporting 100% according to your needs, from a high-level overview to detailed metrics on individual sections, stories, and users.
  • Follow your newsroom’s production progress based on performance indicators, such as time on task, benchmarking across time, cross-platform story sharing and peak work time.
  • Get relevant, ready-made analyses of statistical data as intuitive graphic dashboards.

The benefits of using CUE Analytics speak for themselves:

  • Eliminate duplication of work.
  • Balance workload and resources.
  • Optimize sharing and re-use of content.

CUE Analytics can also be integrated with your existing legacy or 3rd party analytics and data collection tools, giving you an even broader overview of your publishing business.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.