All media businesses today are faced with a similar challenge: how to maintain and grow the audience base? The basic solution to this is either to follow the existing audience to their new channels-of-choice or to try and reach new audiences. Or both at the same time.

CUE enables you to do all of the above. Extending your brand to new channels does not require setting up new editorial departments or workflows. You just open a new channel in CUE and you’re ready to go.

With CUE's built-in applications for video and live blogging, you can strengthen your brand’s presence on new channels even further by delivering content that is highly engaging and in demand by today’s news audience.

Experimenting with new channels does not have to be risky business. CUE ensures that your media business can beat new paths forward quickly and cost-effectively.

Integrate your newsrooms

Having separate newsrooms for print, online, SoMe etc. is a thing of the past. With CUE, you get the perfect tool for breaking down old organizational silos and build a modern, streamlined news organization.

CUE's media-neutral and technology-independent approach to content creation enables your editorial staff to work seamlessly across channels. A story can be created for online-first publication, then re-formatted to a variety of SoMe channels, and finally be sent to print. You can even choose to share the same content across different titles. All within the same workflow and a few clicks on the screen.

CUE is designed for the digital-first newsroom, but it caters just as well for print, broadcast, or any other channel that your audience may prefer.

Monetize your content

Which stories gain the widest reach on social media? Which content is more effective for leading readers into your subscription funnel? Which headlines get more clicks and subsequent ad views?

CUE offers seamless integration with best-in-class tools that enable you to monetize your content. Analytics, SoMe listening, split testing, paywalls, and ad tech are just some of the types of tools that you can plug into CUE.

Whether you need tools to support your current business model or a platform to embark on a new venture, CUE connects the dots and ensures that your content contributes to your bottom line.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.