CUE is developed to unify different operations and effectively organize your editorial workflows. One of the ways to do this is by ensuring a coherent user experience.

Workflow analyses from newsrooms around the world show that editorial staff often find it both time-consuming and frustrating to work with different tools in their content production. The more tools a reporter or an editor have too use for planning, writing, communicating, enriching etc., the more focus is taken away from the main task: creating and publishing great stories.

CUE gets rid of the complexity of working with different systems and tools. Even though CUE is an open platform that enables you to use different tools, the user experience is all about consolidation and coherence. When working in CUE, you don't have to jump from interface to interface. All your tools, including different on-premise systems and 3rd party online tools, are incorporated into the intuitive CUE user interface, giving you full operational overview.

The consolidated user experience offered by CUE is not only a benefit for the individual journalist or editor. It also helps break down organizational barriers, because all tools can be gathered in one place. Make separate newsrooms with separate systems a thing of the past. CUE is the perfect platform for building a modern, streamlined news organization.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.