CUE is all about offering creative freedom through a flexible system. CUE sets your storytelling free, enabling you to

  • Easily combine text, images, video, audio, SoMe feeds, and more into rich, engaging stories.
  • Create visual stories in an easy, efficient, and intuitive workflow.
  • Automatically adapt and distribute the same story to different channels.
  • Automatically customize stories to match different audience needs.
  • Innovate and enrich digital content without having to replace journalists with programmers.

A flexible story anatomy

CUE means getting rid of rigid templates and introducing a different and more flexible story anatomy.

Instead of the traditional story formula – headline, lead, body, image, caption – think of your story as a line of interchangeable content elements. CUE allows you to put different types of content into a sequence, shuffle them around, and replace them as you want. These story elements form a story line, a story which can be shaped and re-shaped in an unlimited number of ways.

The foundation for this flexible story anatomy is the unique way that CUE stores content. CUE stores each story element separately from the particular story line, allowing the story elements, such as text paragraphs, pictures, videos, fact boxes, pull quotes and more, to break free from a specific sequence and to be moved around freely.

In short, creating stories in CUE is like building with building blocks: you can use and re-use the same story elements to create different stories, different content formats, and different story versions for different channels.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.