Forget about fixed platforms and monolithic systems. Think freedom and flexibility instead. CUE offers the opportunity to stay ahead of the game business- and technology-wise.

As a publishing platform, CUE not only supports your content creation and publishing workflow. It adds concrete value to your news business. Designed as an open system, CUE offers a set of core built-in tools for content creation, multichannel publishing, digital and print integration, production analytics, and content optimization.

In addition, CUE integrates seamlessly with 3rd party tools for audience targeting and profiling, content discovery, real-time analytics, content optimization, multivariate testing and more. You choose the tools, CUE delivers the necessary APIs to ensure smooth integration.

Extend CUE News Suite with:

  • Web components to add custom panels and field editors.
  • Enrichment services that extend and automate functions for easier and more efficient content creation.
  • Your own or 3rd party content repositories to access a wider range of content assets.

The benefit of an open architecture like this is freedom and flexibility. You get to decide which specific tools to build into your publishing platform. Just like you have the advantage of always being able to integrate the best and most innovative tools on the market. If you have a legacy system or a homegrown tool, these can also be integrated into your CUE publishing platform. All within the same user interface, of course.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.