CUE is based on a media-neutral approach to content creation and therefore it enables editorial staff to work seamlessly across channels: create a story for online publication, re-format it to a variety of SoMe channels, and then send it to print. All within the same workflow and a few clicks. You can even share the same content across different brands with no extra workflows needed.

CUE is one of the few publishing platforms which offers a full integration of online and print. Where most platforms are designed to be either online- or print-first, CUE caters equally well for all channels.

The integrated CUE Print module ensures that stories are automatically adapted to a print format, fitted, and placed on the designated pages. Being both a print planning and design tool, CUE Print also offers:

  • Predefined page plans which enable fast and efficient planning.
  • Predefined page templates which allow everyone in the newsroom to create beautiful pages – without being a page designer.
  • Free design functionalities for your custom-made feature pages.

CUE is built on a deep insight into the practical as well as organizational challenges of multi-channel news production – and a mission to merge all content creation into one seamless experience.

Read and download our e-paper about CUE for News.