In 2018, the leading German media group for business and finance news changed its name from Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt to Handelsblatt Media Group. A symbol of the group’s transformation to a digital and innovative media group.

To support this transformation to a new digital reality, Handelsblatt Media Group has chosen the publishing platform CUE as its future online and print CMS.

“Handelsblatt has high ambitions for its digital future, and we are proud to deliver the solution and guidance that this future will be based on,” says Dan Korsgaard, CEO of CCI Europe -- the company behind CUE.

All content for print and online will be created in CUE’s unified editor and then distributed to the desired channels from there. The Handelsblatt business newspaper and the magazine Wirtschaftswoche will be designed in CUE’s own layout tool, CUE Designer.

“CUE gathers all your newsroom tools in one intuitive user interface. So once CUE is implemented, Handelsblatt will benefit from transparent, streamlined editorial workflows,” Dan Korsgaard adds.

About Handelsblatt Media Group
Handelsblatt Media Group publishes several newspapers, magazines, and websites, with Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche being the most renowned. The company is part of DvH Medien, which Der Tagesspiegel is also a part of. Read our press release about Der Tagesspiegel implementing CUE here.

Dan Korsgaard, CEO of CCI Europe
Dan Korsgaard, CEO of CCI Europe