The CUE Digital Publishing Solution is a stand-alone subsystem that enables you to quickly create e-paper formats for various digital platforms. It also provides a flexible and customizable app framework for easy production of native mobile apps.

The CUE Digital Publishing Solution can be configured with a CUE installation or be set up with any third-party publishing platform through a customized integration.

Engaging e-paper formats

Once integrated with your publishing platform, the CUE Digital Publishing Solution lets you create a range of different digital formats: standard e-papers, enhanced e-papers with widget-based engagement features and freely designed digital publications with interactive elements.

The system imports zipped XML from the publishing platform, converts it into EPUB files for iOS, Android and the web, and then stores the EPUB files and zipped content elements in a separate database.

Use the built-in widget library to enhance your e-paper with interactive features. If you already have a range of favorite widgets, just add them to the library.

The CUE Digital Publishing Solution can be configured to manage digital publications from multiple organizations, multiple titles, and multiple issues per title.

Enhance your brand experience

The app framework allows you to promote your digital products and offer your audience an engaging brand experience. The app framework consists of a portal page and a native reader.

Customize the design of the portal to match your brand identity and integrate it with your subscription system to offer your customers access to exclusive content. Based on standard web technology, the portal may be built in any web supported programming language.

The reader offers a variety of features allowing your audience to engage with your content in different ways, e.g. bookmarking, offline reading, social sharing and more. Native readers are available for iOS, Android, and web. The readers are customizable in terms of colors, fonts, icons, and other features, and can be set up to support paywalls or other digital business strategies.