CUE lets you build your websites using the web technology you want. CUE Front, its optional presentation layer microservice, provides both an out-of-the-box publishing solution and an industry standard API that makes rolling out your own alternative front end a straightforward task.

Choose your technology

CUE’s decoupled architecture gives you the freedom to choose the publishing technologies that meet your needs.

A content API called the Cook provides an open, flexible interface for front-end applications. The Cook incorporates a GraphQL implementation for navigating and selecting content and metadata from the CUE Content Store, and returns the selected content as language-independent JSON data.

The data provided by the Cook is served to end users by a front end component called a Waiter – either CUE Front's built-in PHP- and Twig-based Waiter application, or your own application built using whatever web or mobile app technology you choose: PHP, Node.js, React, Vue.js etc.